When It All Becomes Real

There is a moment, as a creative person, when your endeavors cease being a hobby. There is a moment when the specter of a Career begins looming on the horizon. It’s not present yet, not by a long shot. But there are moments when you perceive the transformation of dream to reality.

For me the first such moment was actually managing to finish a manuscript. I have always been the guy with too many stories and not enough of them written down…at least until this month when I banged out a complete story in nine-and-a-half days. During the first bit it did not seem as though I was actually doing it, but I got absorbed in the process and several days later I was staring at the words “The End”. I do believe I had enough time to think, “Holy crap, I did it” before the coffee ran out and I collapsed into bed, exhausted.

Then the next morning I began securing editing and consulting advice, setting up media for advertising and so on when The Feeling struck me. Suddenly I could see the beginning (my decision of “Screw it, I’m writing this”) and the end (being a published, successful novelist). Sure, the end was still a long way off but I could see it. Such was a strange sensation.

The strangeness mostly comes from the fact that really, getting to this point wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. It simply involved an idea, a decision and ten days of moderate effort. What remains will require more of the same but there really does not seem to be any more mystery to it than say, building a table.

Perhaps I’ll change my tune when the rest of the work sets in. But for now I’m enjoying the fact that a writing career has become a real possibility.