Weekend Blizzard Adventures

Earlier today I heard that we were in for a storm. So, like a smart human who’d already had to fight Mother Nature for a “necessity” once (if you’re a smoker, coffin nails can be a need, fuck you) I decided to stock up before the badness hit. It should be noted that I also bought food, coffee and other sundries just in case the roads became impassable. I even texted my supervisor and informed him in advance that the chance was good my ass wasn’t making it to work tomorrow. Then I settled in to wait out the white stuff, secure that I’d prepared for the situation like an adult.

That’s when the Universe smiled and said “oh, you sweet summer child.”

You see, my girlfriend works a job where she basically can’t miss work. She’s a caregiver for the developmentally disabled and well…rain or shine (or snow), they still need to be cared for. So despite the awful conditions she *had* to go to work tonight.

Because I try to be a good boyfriend, I helped her chip the inch-thick layer of ice off her minivan’s windows and provided some shoving power to get her out of the driveway. Such was accomplished…but our success was short-lived. My lady found herself stuck in a ditch quite soon after leaving home. But she still needed to get to work, especially because her co-workers were calling in with “uh, can’t go nowhere” left right and sideways.

She texted me and asked for help, so I picked her up from where her car was stuck and drove her to work…again, I try to be a good boyfriend.

Getting her to where she needed to be in current conditions was a nightmare; we’re talking white-out conditions, as well as drifts that made my truck skid all over the place. I don’t think I went over twenty-five, and my knuckles were white on the steering wheel the whole way.

Anyhow, I dropped her off and headed for home. Along the way I got turned around (because blizzard) ended up out in the middle of nowhere (because blizzard) and got stuck in a snowdrift (because blizzard). I called for a tow truck, and they basically told me “LOL get in line”. I was officially stuck in a rut in the middle of a snowstorm.

Everything was terrible.

Then a jeep with really huge tires showed up.

The guy driving it turned out to be volunteer search and rescue; no joke, he just rolled up out of nowhere and helped tow my sorry ass out of the snowdrift I’d accidentally plowed into. I asked him what he was about and he told me that he was out and about “for fun”.

(I will remind you that I was stuck out in a fucking blizzard when I met this guy.)

Me: “Dude, what do you do for work??”

Him: “Oh, I work at a pawnshop. But I do this (drive around in snow, help strangers) for fun.”

Me: “You…are an awesome human being, sir.”

Him: “If you really think I’m awesome, donate to Search and Rescue.”

Me: “…yeah, totally doing that.”

Anyway, he pulled me out of the drift, gave me directions to get me un-lost and then waited around while I got myself oriented on roads which weren’t snow-drift happy. I’m now home and warm. I also possess a vastly increased appreciation for Search & Rescue people.

In the dark times we’re currently living in I thought y’all might appreciate a story with a somewhat happy ending…you know, decent people scraping together to make sure everyone gets what they need, et cetera and so on.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go figure out the best way to hand S & R money.