Available on Amazon – Margin Play: Book 1 of the Eckart Mysteries

Margin Play

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Amber Eckart is a Seattle investigator with a nose for truth and red ink in her books; bills are piling up, and the creditors are starting to get nasty. So when a downtown lawyer drops a big check on the table and asks her to poke at a dodgy foreclosure, it looks like the easy money she needs. But in the world of twenty-first century finance, little is simple…and less is sacred.

Hot on the trail of a stolen home, Amber finds a complex web of big money and shady deals – a development project with millions of dollars at stake and a cabal more than willing to play fast and loose with the law. With a trio of tech-savvy misfits riding shotgun, Amber must brave the margin between commerce and crime – a place where the shadows are deep, the dying is easy and the only way out is further in…


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