The Water’s Edge

water_revealEver wonder what would happen if you crossed Outlander with The Curse of Oak Island?

Yeah, me either, but my friend and fellow author A.J. Downey did. The next thing I know, she’s dragged me into this crazy word full of treasure hunters, time travel, and pirates. It’s cool though because so far I’m having a lot of fun.

Can’t wait to share more with you, keep an eye out. The cover reveal for this one is coming soon.


10/25/16 – The Water’s Edge is going well! Downey and I have a solid beginning, with characters that are taking shape as they hunt for an impossible treasure. Here’s a sample:

“Morgan, gold becomes wealth only when it can buy a man what he needs and wants,” I said. “What can we do with it? We can’t eat it. We can’t drink it. About all we could do with it is stuff it into our cannons and shoot it at His Majesty’s fleet. Right here, right now, the only purpose it can serve is the one it already is…as an exceptionally pretty form of ballast.”

Dougal nodded, slowly, the wheels turning behind his eyes.

“If our little discovery is to buy us anything other than a trip to Execution Dock,” I told him, “we need to go to a place where we can spend it.” I sipped from my cup. “I’ll only be happy to be a rich man once my wealth stops threatening my life.”

…Practicality, thy name is Eamon Bligh. 🙂

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