Everyday Creepers

This afternoon I went to the local convenience store to buy myself a six-pack and some cigarettes. The cashiers – a pair of cute bouncy farm girls – were giggling and blushing about something, clearly amused yet somewhat disturbed.

As they rung up my purchases, I asked what was up because I was curious. They told me a story…

Apparently one of them had in a moment of whimsy stuck price-tag stickers to her arms. A (male) customer had wandered up to the counter and asked about the stickers – specifically wondering if the girl was “for sale”.

Her (joking) response: “Hehe, I’m cheap on one arm and expensive on the other…”

Him: (leer) “Well, which is your dominant hand?”

Her: “um…” (confessed to being really creeped out)

Me after hearing this story: “Woooowww…stay classy, dude.”

Her: “Yeah, I know right?”

She then rang up my purchases…all the while giving me a look like she expected me to suddenly hand out similar commentary. I didn’t like it, but I didn’t blame her for it either.

Guys reading this, I want to make it clear: THIS SHIT IS WHY WOMEN WON’T TALK TO US. I kinda want to throat-punch the stupid SOB who pulled the stunt he did, for the simple reason that I don’t like being viewed as a predator by women I meet…and punk fucks like him are the reason.