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Who am I? Good question. I’ve spent my life asking that very same thing.

I was born in Washington State, the product of two hard-working, hard-headed individualists who still managed to be hippies. I spent the first few years of my life on a chunk of rock known as Blakely Island; it was a pilot’s-island resort occupied by retirees, trust-fund vacationers and the odd malcontent who thought of society as something which needed avoiding. My earliest memories are of rocky beaches and gigantic fir trees, of pancakes cooked on a wood-fed iron stove and angry winter storms…the beauty of which was best observed from behind a pane of thick glass.

My childhood was full of the beauty and reality of nature. We didn’t have a television; electricity was a luxury my father oversaw the installation of. Mail service came twice a week if the weather was good, delivered to a shack the size of an outhouse which sat at the end of our runway. Getting to school meant hopping on a bush plane or a crew boat; if the weather was bad, I didn’t go.

I moved to the mainland in 1987 and came down with a massive case of culture shock; even a town as sleepy as Bellingham was an intimidating metropolis to a kid who was used to spending a whole day without seeing another human soul. I adapted somewhat, but the need for occasional solitude is still very much a part of me.

I ended up in high school, shedding some of my awkwardness when I discovered what we now call geek culture. I spent my weekends pretending to be things I wasn’t, usually a vampire or a werewolf; my parents didn’t like this and I didn’t like them for it. I grew my hair long, smoked cigarettes and chased girls. Sometimes I caught them, which was a delight and a whole new set of problems. There was some rebellion and angst in there as well, but I try not to think about that now.


I moved out on my own, settled in with a sweetheart and got myself a job. I played at being urbane and sophisticated in the big city – Seattle, to be precise – but I decided I didn’t like it so I stopped. I stayed with the sweetheart despite massive amounts of advice to the contrary.

My twenties were spent as many others have spent theirs; loving dangerously, drinking copiously and arguing constantly…in essence, I went to war with the world and lost. Somewhere in there the sweetheart became my wife and then my ex-wife. Along the way I screwed things up and learned from having done so, even if the lessons took a while to stick.

Eventually I turned down the volume on my life, moved to the country and started over again. I met a good girl I liked and invited her to live with me; the surprise when she accepted is still hard to quantify. I tried to write a novel on a whim and discovered I had some talent at it.

At present time I’m a divorced thirty-something white guy sorting through the wonder and wreckage of a life best described as “other”. I’m an atheist who finds divinity in simply being alive. Somewhere in there I plan to write crime fiction despite having never been a criminal. I try not to get in my own way. Most days I succeed.

Who am I? That remains to be seen.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I am no one special but I read like the wind blows. You are a damn good writer but you need a better editor. Keep writing your books….every time you do you’re going to get stronger and I could see you becoming Something big. All the best !!

  2. Hi Eric,

    I met you at Jeffrey Cook’s book release for Dawn of Steam. Because your book’s main character is female and it is set in Seattle, I would like to add Margin Play to my tbr list for a book review. However, my policy is to only read physical books and to only buy books that have been signed by the author. Do you have a signed copy available for purchase? You can check out my past reviews on my blog (listed through my website rachelauthorbarnard.com

    1. Rachel,

      If you can be at Jeffrey Cook’s Bellingham book signing event, I too shall be there, doing the reading/signing thing. I will have copies of Margin Play (and obviously Naming the Hangman, Amber Eckart’s second adventure) available for purchase and signing. If you can’t attend, I’m sure something can be worked out between you, Jeff and I.

      Glad I piqued your interest, and I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  3. Hi, Eric, I just bought your book on kindle and look forward to reading it in the clouds on my trip.
    I didn’t find your e-mail addy on your card, so will you send it to me please so we can be in touch about our business matters (just you and me and the fence-post, as they say). You’ll find me at the email I just filled in below.

    BTW. I think Plume is a great name for a successful novelist!

  4. Eric,
    It’s a small world. I found you through GoodReads, thinking, Is that the Eric Plume I know? Sure enough. And not only that but he references Tina Shelton in his acknowledgments. Dang. I’m just getting ready to release my first book, an Apocalyptic edgy Young Adult novel that starts in Bellingham and then heads south. Just bought your book, though it may be 2014 before I get to read it!
    Write on,

    1. Wow, it has been a while! And Bellingham is still the smallest town on the planet. I wish you luck with your novel, and I hope you enjoy mine. The sequel will be coming out in the next several months. Keep me posted on yours so I can find it!

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